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The Best EDC Deals are Coming, Amazon Prime Day 2023 is July 11-12

Amazon announced its annual Prime Day and it will take place July 11-12. The Amazon Prime Day 2023 sales are still over a fortnight away, but they [Amazon] have already started cranking out early deals on EDC items, tools, survival, and man cave items.

Initially I thought of writing this article in jest, but some of the early deals are exceptional, despite the mass media hype. We are likely to see a ton of deals, mostly on brands we have never heard of, but that shouldn't deter consideration.

Per usual, you must have an Amazon Prime Membership or have started a free trail to participate to shop the deals. Prime Day has influenced the entire industry, prompting discounts and competitive pricing from other retailers.

According to Amazon's "About Amazon" page, "Prime Day was created as a way to celebrate Prime members. The first Prime Day event came to life on Amazon’s 20th birthday on July 15, 2015." Here are my tips to find the best EDC deals.

  • Create deal alerts, especially for those items with over 4 starts and at least 200 reviews. They are more likely than not to have a Prime Day deal applied.

  • Research previous Prime Day deals to further your understanding of what may or may not be included. Read previous year articles, track historical pricing, and possibly install deal software such as Honey for best pricing.

  • Set a reminder: Use your phone, Alexa, Google devices, etc. to remind you when Prime Day starts.

  • Follow the Marine X for live alerts on the best deals.

Here's a look at deals that are worth their weight as of right now.

Save on HOTO Electric Screwdriver

This is the best selling power screwdriver on amazon for a reason...the look. Plenty of electric screwdrivers on amazon around the 4v output mark. This one tops the list because of the mainly because of influencers and the look. Get the screwdriver and 12 bits for $35.99 for an additional 5% clickable coupon.

Some other deals in this category are the Worx 4v, 3-speed, and the overkill Milwaukee M4 1/4".

Save on Breakwater First Aid Kit

At its lowest price in nearly a year, this Breakwater First Aid Kit is great your bug out kits or get home bags. You could use it as an EDC kit as well, but maybe not directly on your person.

At $39.99, there are not too many comparable kits with actual usable items, all in a waterproof bag.

At $22.99, this ThruNite Archer Mini is at its lowest price since its release in summer 2022.

Not quite the low lumen output as the Acebeam Pocket, this ThruNite rarely goes on sale, unlike the Acebeam. Other flashlights from this category are the Sofirn, Acebeam, and Wuben. Expect this list to grow.

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