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Which to Build First: Get Home Bags vs. Bug Out Bags

This is a clear cut guide on which to craft first, a bug out bag or a get home bag. First and foremost, they are far from being identical and most not interchangeable.

Here's the Bottom-Line Up Front (BLUF) should be making a Get Home Bag first.

A get home bag is a sold bag or backpack, primarily centered around getting you and specific gear back to a specific location. A get home bag is home lightweight and designed to help you survival either a number or hours or a few days.

Generally, get home bags include:

  • an IFAK or individual first aid kit

  • little to no food

  • up to a gallon of water in pouches

  • shelter options such as tarps or poncho

  • compass

Guidelines on Packing Your Get Home Bag

The basic items you need to get you from one location back home are the priority. You should avoid drawing attention with flashy bags or pouches. Because getting home to my family is tremendously more important than planning a bug out, my kit is extensive. Check out my most recent video below and the items here.


Bug Out Bag Essentials

As to the argument that your first bag should be the get home, I bring you my family of four bug out kit. Mind you, my family is now a family of seven and my hair is seven inches longer since crafting this bag.

Your bug out bag is more planned, pronounced, rehearsed but seldom used. This bag should contain a more extensive first aid kit, more focused on trauma. The bag should be focused on long-term survival, days, if not weeks.

You may also include in this bag:

  • emergency documents

  • hygiene kits

  • canteen cups

  • datrex drinking water

  • Meals ready to eat

  • sewing kits

My kit is more family focused and long overdue, for an overhaul.

In the end, get home and bug out bags overlap but are not interchangeable. Plan on walking a few hours to a day in your get home back but several weeks from your bug out bag.

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