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How to ACTUALLY Use Your Pocket Knife

People in the Everyday Carry or EDC community love their pocket knives...a lot. Whether it is the thirst for the best steel in S35vn or M390 or the "best" scales in titanium or carbon fiber. But what do they (we) actually use our pocket knives for on a daily basis?

You'll know that your knife is being thoroughly used if it needs sharpening at least every 60 days. Whether that is from dirt, grim, extreme use or rust.

Opening Packages

This has zero argument from any reasonable "EDC-er" for everyday use of a pocket knife. As soon as your Amazon box lands at your door, you grab your EDC and become the hero of the moment. Using your EDC knife brings a level of efficiency which can't be met with a dull kitchen knife or scissors.

Cut Loose Threads

You don't have to be a certified seamstress to to tidy up your clothing. For some people, this is a minor or bonus way to use your pocket knife. For others, this is a magically moment when he or she realizes this opportunity. It really depends on how irritated you are by "Irish Pendants" or IPs as we referred to them in the Marine Corps.

For the Flex

This goes without being said, but there is just something instantly satisfying gathering compliments for your choice in pocket knife. There is also a cool factor in a man with a well-designed and carried pocket knife. The choice in EDC knife can turn heads and make for the ultimate social made boost. You may find yourself wondering "how did I ever live without this thing?"

Food Prep

If you wan to be the kitchen hero, use your pocket knife to slice a strawberry. If you want to look "manly" use it to carve a steak. The most simple of acts, but one that draws a smoldering envy by the eyeballs watching you. Here is one of my favorite for my slicing duties.

There are numerous other uses for an EDC knife, but let's be real, these are probably our top use cases. But for brevity sake, here are a few others

  • Carving

  • Stripping Wire

  • Removing or Prying Items

  • Making drain holes

  • Cutting Zip Ties

Never be afraid to own your mediocre use of a pocket knife. Take a "stab" at new use cases and see what you come up with.

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